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Member Page -- Information to help your chapter shine!

In Sept, Oct, Nov, work on earning membership awards:

Membership Campaign

Go For the Red


Work on earning individual awards:

Member of the Year Award

Power of One

STAR Events Medals


In Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, work on earning chapter awards:

Social Media Award

Outstanding Chapter Award

State Outreach Project

Caring Chapter Award

National Program Awards

Keep in touch with PA FCCLA:

Email State or Region Officers

Running for State or Region Office

Follow Social Media


All PA FCCLA members: Please place your email on this list so you can receive messages from the state and region officers.


In Dec and Jan, work to submit FCCLA adults for awards:

New Adviser Award

Adviser of the Year

Chapter Service Award

Local Administrator Service Award

Members can make a difference in their chapter growth by not just learning about FCCLA opportunities but by using the Planning Process to organize the tasks, and by completing a successful task. Ask adviser permission, form a committee, and go for it! The state officers are a great resource. Email them at any time with your questions and concerns.

Advisers: There is too much information to know and do. Your members are your key to tackling the FCCLA knowledge that can overwhelm you. Select a committee for each set of tasks. Let your members take the lead!

Taking the Lead

Leadership development is a primary focus of FCCLA. As students take responsibility for planning, implementing, and evaluating chapter projects and activities, they develop the skills needed to take the lead in families, careers, and communities today and tomorrow.

All members have leadership potential, whether or not they hold formal chapter leadership positions. Developing leadership skills means bringing out each person’s best qualities. It often comes down to exploring abilities, taking risks, and developing a personal leadership style. A successful chapter will recognize it needs different kinds of leaders and encourage individual differences.

Member commitment and involvement are vital to the health of any organization. Taking a leadership role may lead a student to pursue other FCCLA leadership roles at the chapter, region, state, and national levels. Holding an office at each level provides opportunities for:

    • improving leadership skills

    • personal growth and resume building

    • meeting new people

    • travel and involvement

    • being a spokesperson for FCCLA

    • helping the organization reach its goals

    • building a resume

When explaining what is FCCLA, consider your audience. Future members, parents, and administrators may need an in-depth answer. For those who need a short answer, consider the following:

FCCLA stands for Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. We are a national career and technical student organization that works through Family & Consumer Sciences education and related occupations courses to prepare students for careers in human services, education and training, hospitality and tourism, and visual arts and design.