Regional Leadership Meeting
October 5  Registration Deadline
October 10  Attendee Paperwork Due
October 20  Registration Fees Due

State Leadership Conference
January 22  Registration Deadline
February 5  Registration Fees Due
February 5  Attendee Paperwork Due
February 5  Hotel Reservations Due

Membership Affiliation
November 1   Deadline to affiliate at least 12 members in order to maintain access to portal resources
December 15  Deadline to affiliate any members who are competing in Pennsylvania STAR Events at State Leadership Conference
      Note about STAR Event projects: must be developed and completed during a one-year span beginning July 1 and ending June 30 of the school year before the National Leadership Conference.
February 1  Deadline to affiliate any members who are competing in National on-line STAR Events

Member Awards
January 22   Chapter Member of the Year Submission in SLC registration
February 15   Power of One Submission Deadline

Chapter Awards
February 15  Outstanding Chapter Award  Submission Deadline
February 15  State Outreach Project  Submission Deadline
February 15  Membership Campaign  Submission Deadline
February 15  Caring Chapter Award  Submission Deadline
February 15  Social Media Award  Submission Deadline
March 1  National Program Awards  Submission Deadline through Affiliation Portal
March  Chapter Poster Contest  Submission Deadline upon arrival at SLC

Adviser Awards
February 15  New Adviser Award  Submission Deadline
February 15  Adviser of the Year  Submission Deadline

Adult Awards
February 15  Chapter Service Award  Submission Deadline
February 15  Local Administrator Service Award  Submission Deadline