National Leadership Conference

National Leadership Conference will be held

virtually on July 7-9, 2020.

1. Information on NLC Registration is available on the national website.

2. (Not in 2020) Official FCCLA Red Blazers must be worn at National Leadership Conference by all members. To purchase a RED JACKET through the PA BOD offer, email She can send you an invoice to start the purchasing process. Send her your shipping address, and the specific sizes you want to receive.

3. NLC registration and information is available in your affiliation portal under the meetings tab. (Not in 2020) Once you register, you will receive an email with the housing registration link.

4. (Not in 2020) NLC Hotels: After submitting your chapter registration, you will receive a link to the housing provider, Orchid.Events. In the housing reservation form, each chapter will use a pull-down box to select the hotel of your choice. Nationals has created a list of Official NLC Hotels that you can use to compare hotels before you register for housing. STAR Events participants must stay in an Official NLC Hotel to compete. Anyone staying in a hotel which is not an official National NLC Hotel, will owe an extra $125.

Looking for NLC member roommates:

Looking for NLC Adult roommate:


Approved by FCCLA’s Board of Directors, July 2011, Updated 2015

The National Leadership Conference is an excellent opportunity for members to convey to others the positive and professional image of FCCLA. Members’ behavior in the hotels and throughout the National Leadership Conference is the only image others in the hotel and host city may ever have of our organization. Student conduct and dress should contribute to the positive and professional image of FCCLA. The FCCLA official red blazer is mandatory for members. Advisers and chaperones are responsible for enforcing the dress policy with their students. Delegates and guests not adhering to the dress policy will not be admitted into sessions.

For specific information in regards to the Mandatory Dress Code, please click here.

Thank you for your cooperation and support in putting forth a positive image of FCCLA throughout the National Leadership Conference!

Information about NLC

NLC STAR Events Ranking

To see how your members ranked in STAR Events, click on their Membership ID Number on the first page of your chapter affiliation portal.

NLC STAR Events Award Sessions

Beginning at the 2021 National Leadership Conference FCCLA will vocally recognize the top three STAR Events competitors/teams for every category in each event at a general session. All participants will receive a medal for their participation.

Beginning at the 2021 National Leadership Conference FCCLA will award medals only to participants who score above 69 points on the rubric score for their event. Participants who receive a score of 69 and below will receive a certificate, not a medal.

NLC Attendance

If a chapter on the national team cannot attend, the next place chapter might be given the opportunity to represent PA FCCLA according to PA CEAT policy. Advisers of students on the national team should inform the state office of intentions to participate in NLC within one week after SLC in order for the next team to have time to arrange to attend.

NLC Registration

Chapter advisers will submit their NLC registration and fees directly to national headquarters. On-line registration information and deadlines will be posted when it is released from nationals. Watch the national webpage at There are several forms that must be signed and carried to NLC. Check the national website NLC page.

Chapters will submit hotel registration and payment to the hotel.

Delegates, Competitors, and National Officer Candidates attending the National Leadership Conference must register to attend the entire conference and stay within the official meeting/conference hotel block for the length of the conference. In any extenuating circumstances, a written waiver may be submitted via the State Adviser to National staff for consideration.

STAR Events Volunteers

Attending FCCLA chapters must provide one STAR Events volunteer (evaluator or room consultant) for every three national STAR Events participants in order to meet the national quota. The volunteer may be a student, chaperone or adviser.

Permission Form, Rules and Regulations

The PA FCCLA Permission Form / Publication Waiver and the Rules Acknowledgement Form from PA FCCLA SLC will be in effect for NLC. Advisers do not need to send these again to the state. Advisers need to carry FCCLA National permission forms and school permission forms.

Adviser Act 48

If you need ACT 48 hours, please contact Mrs. Nadine Standley several weeks in advance of NLC to receive the correct paperwork. Then carry the paperwork with you and fill it in while at NLC. Get it signed by our FCCLA State Facilitator, Mrs. Nadine Standley while at NLC; and after NLC hand the form into your school for them to submit.

Travel Insurance

PA NLC attendees may purchase travelers insurance from the National FCCLA provider, from their home school or from a private provider.

Estimated Expense of NLC

Last year’s NLC trip expenses might help as you calculate how much to plan for this year:

    • FCCLA Registration $190/person
    • STAR Events Competition Fee $ 45/person
    • FCCLA Official Red Jacket (required at conference sessions) $ 65
    • Housing: $189/night plus taxes; this amount is divided by the number of (1 - 4) people staying in the hotel room.
    • Transportation: could be as high as $700/person.
    • Food: In general, runs between $30 - $40 per day depending on how thrifty you are in selecting the restaurant.
    • Sightseeing: Your choice.

Trader Pins

Trader Pins will NOT be available for purchase from the state officers at National Leadership Conference.

Chapters are encouraged to provide their own pins for trading.

State Meetings

State Meetings may be held at NLC to share information and create friendships between chapters.

Meeting times and locations are announced prior to NLC through email.

We are proud of our past FCCLA National Officers from the Pennsylvania Association:

2014-2015 - Jared Gustafson - VP of Parliamentary Law

1998-1999 - Jared Stahler - VP of Peer Education

1997-1998 - Anne Hardy - VP of Peer Education

1995-1996 - Kate Lewis

1974-1975 - Kim Seebold Sawyer

1972-1973 - Connie Fritz - VP of Public Relations

1970-1971 - Ruth Ann Hockenbroch Apple - President

1967-1968 - Sylvia Bachman Graver - Reporter

1952-1953 - Miriam Mabel Good Kerr - Treasurer