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Starting a Chapter

Approaching Administration

Organizing Members

  • Recruitment Video

  • Public Service Announcement Video

  • Member Recruitment Flyer

  • PA FCCLA Membership Campaign

  • FCCLA Chapter Membership Application
    Revise this Membership Application to align with the rules of your school and add a chart on the back for members to put their class schedule rooms. This form is not required for the state association or national organization, but may be helpful at the local chapter level. A member signature is required because the adviser needs to confirm member consent to post their information in the national affiliation portal.

  • Yearly Permission/Publicity Waiver Form
    This Permission Form will be used for all state meetings. Have members sign it early in the year. For meetings, send a digital copy with registrations.

  • Membership Cards
    Affiliated chapters can access membership cards through their online national affiliation portal.

  • National Membership Kit
    The FCCLA Membership Kit is in an easy-to use, CD format, filled with all of the resources, project ideas, and tools necessary to start or maintain your FCCLA chapter. To request this kit email or call 703-476-4900.

Alumni and Associates
For chapter alumni, advisers, family and friends - help FCCLA on the state level by chaperoning state events and judging STAR Events competition.

Looking for Help?
Call our PA State Facilitator for help when starting a chapter. When the information becomes overwhelming, ask for help.

Affiliation Information

There are three Affiliation types:

    • 100% Middle Level Affiliation - for Middle Level chapters who are affiliating more than 27 students.

    • Urban Affiliation - for qualifying urban schools who are affiliating more than 500 students. Pennsylvania has four qualifying urban areas: Allentown, Erie, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh.

    • Regular Affiliation - for all other chapters.

There are four Chapter types:

    • High School - for high schools

    • Combined Jr / Sr High School - for schools that cover grades 5 though 12

    • Career Tech Education Center - for career technical schools and approved high school programs

    • Middle School - for middle schools

Pennsylvania FCCLA Chapter Policy: Each affiliated school instructor may not have more than one chapter of students per session.

    • Example - Full Day program: One (1) Chapter of students per teacher.

    • Example - Half Time Programs: (AM) One (1) chapter of students per teacher / (PM) One (1) chapter of students per teacher.

Deadlines and Dues

Affiliation Deadlines:
December 15 is the Pennsylvania FCCLA affiliation deadline in order for members to participate in STAR Events at the Pennsylvania FCCLA State Leadership Conference.
The national association recommends affiliating at least 12 members by November 1 in order to have access to all national services including the national affiliation portal that provides the Competitive Events Guide. Chapters may need to affiliate earlier if their members are competing in other national events. Check the national site for affiliation deadlines.

State and National Dues:
National dues are $9.00 and Pennsylvania state dues are $9.00 per member and adviser. The dues payment is sent as one sum ($18/person) to the address on the affiliation invoice form. There is a minimum of 12 members + adviser or $234.

Tip - Double check your information for adviser, chapter and members before you submit your affiliation. When you hit submit, you lock in and agree to pay the listed amount.

Middle Level Chapters have the option of affiliating all Family and Consumer Sciences students for a bulk enrollment flat fee of $500. ($250 national and $250 state) Any Middle Level Chapter with more than 27 students must contact Mrs. Nadine Standley prior to affiliation to work out setting up the bulk enrollment flat fee.

Urban Chapters within the corporate limits of Allentown, Erie, Philadelphia or Pittsburgh have the option of affiliating as a bulk enrollment flat fee of $5000. ($4500 national and $500 state) Any Urban Chapter with more than 500 students must contact Mrs. Nadine Standley prior to affiliation to work out setting up the bulk enrollment flat fee.