PA Competitive Events Policies

Pennsylvania Competitive Events Policies:

1. National Team from Pennsylvania - Chapter members/teams must earn a minimum score of 75 points to be named to represent Pennsylvania FCCLA on the national team.

2. STAR Events substitutions are allowed for the PA FCCLA State Leadership Conference according to the following guidelines:

    • The chapter member must be an affiliated FCCLA member on the state and national level by the Pennsylvania affiliation deadline.

    • The chapter member must be registered for State Leadership Conference by the deadline posted on the state website.

    • The chapter member must be registered in a STAR Event by the deadline posted on the state website.

    • The chapter member must meet the criteria, as stated in the Competitive Events Guide, for participation in the specific event.

    • Substitutions must be made no later than one week prior to the first day of State Leadership Conference but may be denied due to availability of time slot or table space.

    • Substitutions are made by emailing the STAR Events Substitution Request Form to the State Facilitator and During email conversations always use the "reply to all" feature.

3. Chapter Participation in STAR Events

All STAR Events (except PA State STAR Events) follow the rules and guidelines in the National FCCLA Competitive Events Guide. When referring to the national guide, please follow the guidelines below:

    • Statements in the FCCLA National Competitive Events Guide referring to "STATE" participation in an event/category translate to "CHAPTER" participation on the state level, with this exception: Multiple entries from a chapter in an event category will not be allowed.

    • When determining participation in STAR Events at the PA State Leadership Conference, only one entry per chapter per event category will be accepted.

    • If you have any questions regarding participation, please contact the STAR Events Coordination Team.

4. STAR Events participants are required to register for and attend the full conference.

5. Chapter Volunteers for STAR Events: Chapters are required to provide one evaluator, lead consultant, and /or room consultant for every 6 STAR Events participants, adding 1 additional volunteer for numbers within increments of 6.

  • Chapter advisers and retired chapter advisers may serve as lead consultants.

  • Advisers and assistants may serve as room consultants.

  • Students may serve as STAR Events helpers or timekeepers. Students who are volunteering to assist with STAR Events will be assigned a volunteer time that does not conflict with their competition time. However, students may not get an assignment if student spots are filled.

  • Administrators, parents, alumni, and business representatives may serve as evaluators.

  • All volunteers that chapters can provide are appreciated and needed.

6. Cell phones and any other electronic equipment, including Apple watches and other devices with text capacity, are not permitted at STAR Events unless they are a part of a presentation and in airplane mode. Any electronic equipment found with the student will be immediately surrendered by the student until the event has been completed. The student will be disqualified from the event.

7. Team Definitions:

  • Team events may have one, two, or three participants from the same chapter, with the exception of Parliamentary Procedure, which may have four to eight participants from the same chapter.

  • Events with three categories (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3), a team may be composed of members from different levels, but must compete at the category level of the team member in the highest grade.

  • Events with only two categories (Level 2 and Level 3) may not include members through grade 8.

  • Events with only one category (Level 3) may not include members through grade 10.

  • Other information on the definition of a team can be found in the Competitive Events Guide.

8. Medals and Certificates: Beginning with the 2023 PA State Leadership Conference, FCCLA will award medals only to participants who score above 70 points on the rubric score for their event. Participants who receive a score of 69.99 and below will receive a certificate, not a medal.
2023: Gold Medal (90 – 100) Silver Medal (70 – 89.99) Bronze Certificate (1 – 69.99)