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State Outreach Project

2017-2018 Pennsylvania FCCLA State Outreach Project
"Go Green for the Red"

The PA FCCLA State Emphasis Project 2017-18 focuses on the environment and doing projects that are good for the planet. Chapters may participate by doing tasks on this list. Please note: You only have to complete two tasks.

Take pictures of your chapter members working on the project. Send the pictures, in jpeg format, attached to an email that includes a description of the project, your name and chapter name by February 15 to Cheyenne Sestric, Vice President of Programs, at

Your chapter members will be able to include community service on their resumes. And if your chapter attends State Leadership Conference and has completed two tasks, you will be invited to a special event during State Leadership Conference.

Your Action Plan:

1. Highlight the projects your chapter will want to complete on the list. (The list of tasks is also attached below.)

2. Select a group of three members to provide the leadership on the task.

3. Set dates for your project and start working.

4. Report your task to Cheyenne Sestric as described above.

List of Tasks:

1. Hold a locally grown food dinner with chapter members

2. Start a recycling program in your school

3. Obtain trees from your conservation district and plant them

4. Hold a fundraiser for endangered animals and adopt an animal from the World Wildlife Fund website

5. Do a chapter clean-up day outside in your area

6. Do a collection for a local animal shelter

Benefits for participating in this State Emphasis Project:

Spread awareness for the environment  

Bring your chapter and your community together

Chapter members will earn community service hours for their résumés

Chapter members help the planet

Chapter members will be invited to a special event during State Leadership Conference

If you have any questions throughout this process, you can contact Cheyenne Sestric, VP of Programs, at

2017-2018 Pennsylvania FCCLA State Outreach Project
Go Green for the Red - Doing green projects to help nature and the environment

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Aug 17, 2017, 4:29 PM