PA FCCLA Membership Campaign

Encouraging New Members

Rev up your Chapter with the 3 R's

Recruit, Retain, Recognize

The purpose of the Membership Campaign is to give chapters things to do to help recruit new members and retain current members. During recruiting and retaining tasks, showcase your chapter as a resume builder through projects and community service but also as a place to build friendships and have fun. During recognizing tasks, showcase your chapter successes as a way to build chapter notoriety for member accomplishments.

Section 1 - Recruit

  • Bring a non-member to a recruitment party

  • Hang recruitment posters around the school

  • Set up a table at open house, freshman orientation, or back-to-school nights

  • Have a lunch time recruitment table

  • Updating your website

  • Post and share on social media

  • Create bookmarks with FCCLA facts

  • Host a spirit week within the school

  • Create your own!

Section 2 - Retain

  • Plan an FCCLA night for your chapter ( bowling, game night, etc)

  • Hold a fundraiser to help members pay their dues

  • Attending Regional Leadership Meeting

  • Hold a contest for returning members to bring in new members

  • Sponsor a Members’ Ice Cream Party to get to know members

  • Have a popcorn/snack break during your meeting

  • Sponsor a community outing for members while you help the community

  • Plan a baking contest for your chapter

  • Create your own!

Section 3 - Recognize

  • Showcase a chapter member through social media with a mini bio

  • Recognize officers in a hallway display, social media, or school publication

  • Send a report to administrators about your chapter’s accomplishments

  • Create a bulletin board to publicize your chapter successes

  • Posting chapter activities, awards and medals on social media

  • Get your chapter noticed during your school’s spirit week

  • Submit a minimum of 3 Power of One applications to PA FCCLA by January 15th

  • Team up with other clubs and post each other on other socials (TLC and FCCLA teacher appreciation week)

  • FCCLA members post pictures together at dances and proms on social media and include FCCLA with #PAFCCLA and Caption

  • Create your own!


Chapters need to complete two tasks in each section to earn a state certificate and be invited to attend the special event at State Leadership Conference.

Submission is due February 15. Submit your tasks by doing two things:

  1. When all tasks have been completed use the following Google Form to submit your 2022/2023 Submission:

Membership Submission Form

  1. Post your tasks on Instagram or FaceBook with the #PAFCCLA. You may use your chapter’s social media or a member’s social media. Do not include personal names in the posts.

If you have questions, please email CC Harris, Vice President of Membership,