PA FCCLA Membership Campaign

Encouraging New Members

The 2021-2022 Membership Campaign will be available soon!

2020-2021 PA FCCLA Show your Red

PA FCCLA Membership Campaign is focusing on activities to build your chapter, advocate for FCCLA, and give back to your community. The hope is that others will want to join your chapter when they see you having fun doing projects. Choose seven tasks from the list below. Submission details are at the bottom. Complete by February 25.


Team Building: #buildingPAFCCLA #PAFCCLA

1. Chapter Attend Regional Leadership Meeting.

2. Complete State Outreach Project

3. Have three members complete the Power of One Award. Submit member names to Vice President of Recognition,
Alexis Staggert, by January 15.

4. Membership Recruitment Mania

  • Member Monday: members wear red showing FCCLA pride

  • Talk up Tuesday: Have members create a video about FCCLA

  • Welcome Wednesday: Educate new members about important topics

  • Throwback Thursday: Post an FCCLA photo from a previous year

  • Fun Friday: host a fun FCCLA meeting for the purpose of team bonding

**Week does not have to be consecutive. All days can be completed separately and on any day of the week. Each day’s task counts toward the seven total tasks.


Advocate for FCCLA: #advocatePAFCCLA #PAFCCLA

  1. Create your own activity to advocate FCCLA for your school.

  2. Write a school or local newspaper FCCLA article. May be a virtual platform.

  3. Make a video of Why You Joined FCCLA wearing FCCLA red

  4. Create a bulletin board FCCLA display


Return to the Community: #PAFCCLAgivingback #PAFCCLA

  1. Send cards to a local nursing home to spread kindness

  2. Hold a meeting with FCCLA members to discuss ways they can easily give back to their community

  3. Post a picture of a member helping the community wearing the FCCLA red. Or post a picture of your family wearing the FCCLA red.



  • Complete seven tasks; they can be from any category.

  • Email pictures, description, and media username to Vice President of Membership, Anna Bailor and

  • Post on social media with hashtags for the category and #PAFCCLA, a description of the activity, and school name.

  • Deadline is February 25.

** Make sure your chapter is complying with your school district’s social media policies.