State Leadership Conference

2022 State Leadership Conference
Seven Springs Resort

Registration Deadline: January 22
Hotel Reservation Deadline: February 5
State Leadership Conference:
March 21 - 23

Information below will be updated as soon as possible.

Chapters who need someone to room with at SLC:
(send your needs)

Chapters who need to share busing:
(send your needs)


Links to SLC details (at the right) will stay open year-round to give new advisers information about state conference registration and details.

If you need general information for school
paperwork and planning financial strategies,
click on 2021 SLC Meeting Information

Reminder: One chaperone must accompany each 8 students during State Leadership Conference, adding 1 additional chaperone for numbers within increments of 8.

Chapter Poster Contest at SLC
Each chapter is encouraged to create a chapter poster which highlights your FCCLA Chapter. The poster can be made by one member or several members.

The 2022 theme is "FCCLA is .....".

Make sure your poster addresses the theme. The poster should grab attention and be creative. Bring your poster with you to State Leadership Conference.
Poster Guidelines and Rubric

SLC Press Release: This is a sample of the things to put in your chapter's press release. Expand upon it to showcase your chapter's SLC experience.

During the FCCLA State Leadership Conference, attendees will be given a unique opportunity to attend dynamic leadership training, compete in STAR Events, learn new project ideas, and network with members from across the state.

Before you begin, gather email address and t-shirt size for all attendees.

Directions for sending in registration payment and paperwork:

1. Send payment postmarked by February 5 to:
Betty Rosmus, Treasurer
888 Baumgardner Road, South Fork, PA 15956

A. Conference and STAR Event Payment – Checks payable to PA FCCLA
B. Copy of your Chapter's Cost Summary

2. Email SLC registration paperwork to by February 5.

A. Digital Chapter Cost Summary
B. Digital copy of Affiliation Roster with names of attendees marked.
C. Digital copy of member attendees' signatures on the Rules and Regulations Form.
D Digital copy of PA FCCLA Permission/Consent Form will signatures for all member attendees.
E. Digital copy of PA FCCLA Dress Code with signatures for all attending members.

SLC Exhibitors: Exhibitors have a good opportunity to talk to members and advisers during the first day of our conference. If interested in exhibiting, please contact

Voting Delegate Schedule: The voting delegate has a very important job. They question and listen to the state officer candidates so that your chapter is informed and can make a decision. The voting delegate also attends the business meeting to vote on association matters.

Your chapter voting delegate can be assigned through the SLC registration site or can be assigned once you arrive at SLC and learn which of your members is available during the business meeting.

The Voting Delegate will be emailed to each delegate during the beginning of March.

Pennsylvania FCCLA is proud to acknowledge our STAR Events Scholarships Sponsors:

Several of our post-secondary donors are giving scholarships to any STAR Events participant who enrolls in their institution. When enrolling, ask about FCCLA scholarships:

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
Johnson and Wales University
Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association
Pittsburgh Technical College

Several post-secondary institutions gave specific event scholarships:

Culinary Institute of America
Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
Indiana University of Pennsylvania Academy of Culinary Arts
Sullivan University

2021 Scholarship List