STAR Events

Students Taking Action with Recognition

STAR Events (Students Taking Action with Recognition) are competitive events in which members are recognized for proficiency and achievement in chapter and individual projects, leadership skills and occupational preparation. STAR Events offers individual skill development through the following:
Cooperative--teams work to accomplish specific goals;
Individualized--members work alone to accomplish specific goals; and
Competitive--individual or team performance measured by an established set of criteria.

STAR Events compete at the state level and the national level. Only the on-line events do not compete at the state level. They submit directly to national level.

STAR Events at the state level, earn medals based on rubric scores.
2022: Gold Medal (90 – 100) Silver Medal (70 – 89.99) Bronze Medal (1 – 69.99)

Beginning with the 2023 PA State Leadership Conference, FCCLA will award medals only to participants who score above 70 points on the rubric score for their event. Participants who receive a score of 69.99 and below will receive a certificate, not a medal.
2023: Gold Medal (90 – 100) Silver Medal (70 – 89.99) Bronze Certificate (1 – 69.99)

STAR Events at the region level, earn certificated based on rubric scores.

When selecting a STAR Event, members can check several sources:

1. Check these links to help in the selection of the best STAR Event for you.
Which STAR Event is for You
What STAR Event is Right for You

2. Watch the video Follow the Rubric to Gold . It talks about how to use the rubric and planning process for STAR Events.

3. Watch STAR Events Demonstration Videos. Please note that the contents of the videos may or may not meet the requirements of the events as outlined in the current Competitive Events Guide.

When competing in STAR Events, members and advisers need to check several sources:

1. Use the current National FCCLA Competitive Events Guide for STAR Events which advance to national competition. The Guide is available on the national website through the chapter affiliation portal.

2. Check the Resources for each STAR Events on the National STAR Events Resource page and in your FCCLA Affiliation Portal.

3. Use the PA State STAR Events Guide for events that only compete in Pennsylvania. The guide is updated each year.

4. Check for updates on the STAR Events Updates page. This provides yearly information such as themes, menus, equipment lists, etc.

5. Check the FCCLA Competition Flow Chart to understand when and where competitions begin and end, along with deadlines.

6. Several STAR Events require information about FCS standards. Use the Cross-Walking STAR Events to align projects with National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences.

If you have questions or concerns about STAR Events, please contact the STAR Events Coordination Team:


Thank you to all advisers, administrators, parents, and students who assisted with STAR Events at State Leadership Conference. STAR Events are successful because of all the wonderful volunteers who give their time during the conference. Here are comments from the members:

    • STAR Events were an amazing experience!

    • FCCLA is the thing I look forward to the most every year!

    • I gained a feeling of unity and pride in FCCLA.

    • I feel participating in a STAR Event allowed me to grow and break out of my comfort zone.

    • My STAR Events project gave me the opportunity to help teens with a very serious issue.

List of STAR Events:

  • Baking and Pastry

  • Career Investigation

  • Chapter in Review Display

  • Chapter in Review Portfolio

  • Chapter Service Project Display

  • Chapter Service Project Portfolio

  • Culinary Arts

  • Culinary Math Management

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Event Management

  • Fashion Construction

  • Fashion Design

  • Focus on Children

  • Food Innovations

  • Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation

  • Interior Design

  • Interpersonal Communications

  • Job Interview

  • Leadership

  • National Programs in Action

  • Nutrition and Wellness

  • Parliamentary Procedure

  • Professional Presentation

  • Promote and Publicize FCCLA!

  • Public Policy Advocate

  • Repurpose and Redesign

  • Say Yes to FCS Education

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Sustainability Challenge

  • Teach and Train

Online STAR Events (Does not compete at the state level):

    • FCCLA Chapter Website

    • Digital Stories for Change

    • Instructional Video Design

Pennsylvania State STAR Events:

  • PA Cake Decorating

  • PA Culinary Arts (Rubrics specific to PA FCCLA)

  • PA Food Art

  • PA Food & Beverage Service

  • PA Knife Skills

  • PA Menu Planning

To compete in STAR Events at PA State Leadership Conference, members must have FCCLA national and state dues paid to FCCLA national headquarters by December 15th.

Information for STAR Events Evaluators:
Evaluation teams are composed of adults who are selected for their expertise in a specific event area. Business and Industry provide some of the evaluators. All volunteer evaluators are greatly appreciated. If you want to volunteer to evaluate, contact Mrs. Nadine Standley at More details about becoming an evaluator are attached below. Or if you are ready to sign up, 2021 PA FCCLA Evaluator Participation Form (All evaluator position are filled 2021)

Competitive Events Advisory Team (CEAT)
The PA CEAT committee is to serve as a support system for the PA FCCLA STAR Events Program. This support includes being knowledgeable about both state and national STAR Events, assisting with STAR Events at the State Leadership Conference, and providing direction for the future of STAR Events. Positions on the CEAT Committee are available. For more information on the CEAT Team, please download the attached PA CEAT Team Guidelines and the CEAT application.