2021 Virtual Questions:

What is the timetable for submission of virtual national STAR Events?
STAR Events Information / Timetable for Pennsylvania gives dates and information for all national STAR Events competition in Pennsylvania.

What forms need to be completed for 2021 Virtual SLC:
1. Rules and Regulations for Virtual Meetings Form - Signed by all conference attendees. Adviser collects and keeps this form; do not sent it to the FCCLA state staff.
2. 2020-2021 PA FCCLA Permission/Consent Form - Sent from the parent's or guardian's email account as proof of adult consent.

Can we have the camera zoomed in on the display or product while the person speaking is not on camera?
Policies in the national guide and PA only Guide both say no voice overs so the person talking must be in the video. In the skills part of the national guide, it says that if the camera zooms in while the member is still talking, that is not a voice over. You would need to show the speaker on video after any close-up shots.

Other Questions:

What is the deadline for making STAR Events substitutions?
STAR Events substitutions will be accepted until noon one week preceding the State Leadership Conference; as long as the chapter member was registered in a STAR Event by the State Leadership Conference deadline, eligibility requirements are met, and membership verification is submitted. Substitutions may be denied due to availability of a time slot or table space. In the event of an emergency situation, and documentation on school letterhead, signed by a school administrator, substitutions may be accepted beyond that date. This decision is at the discretion of the STAR Events Coordination Team and the State Facilitator and decisions are final.

What should students do if they have other responsibilities at SLC that conflict with the STAR Events schedule?
The STAR Events schedule takes precedence over all other responsibilities and meetings. Any student who is running for state office should make arrangements (in advance) with the STAR Events Coordination Team to avoid conflicts.

When will Lead Consultants meet to organize the events?
Lead Consultants should check the State Leadership Conference schedule to confirm the time for the Lead Consultant Meeting.

When and where should Adult Room Consultants and Student Helpers/Timekeepers report to volunteer?
Both Adults and Students are critical to the success of STAR Events. Adult Room Consultants and Student Volunteers should check the State Leadership Conference schedule to confirm the time for the Room Consultant and Student Volunteer Meeting. During the meeting, specific instructions for these volunteers will be given. It is imperative that advisers review the expectations with their school's volunteers, and assure that students understand where and when to report. Be aware that student volunteers may not get an assignment if student spots are filled. For more information locate the STAR Events Coordinator at the STAR Events headquarters at the State Leadership Conference.

When should student STAR Events participants turn in required materials?
STAR Events participants should bring all required materials to their specific event location at the designated time.

How is the PA FCCLA National Team selected?
The PA National Team is selected by state-established procedures. Chapter members/teams earning the highest score/second highest score in their STAR Event Category may be selected for the National team. Culinary Arts is the exception with only one team named to National Team. Chapter members/teams must earn a minimum score of 75 points during state competition to be named to represent PA FCCLA on the National Team.

What is the definition of STAR Events "category"?
Categories are Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.
Level 1 is grades through 8
Level 2 is grades 9 and 10
Level 3 is grades 11 and 12.

What is the definition of "team"?

  • Team events may have one, two, or three participants from the same chapter, with the exception of Parliamentary Procedure, which may have four to eight participants from the same chapter.

  • Events with three categories (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3), a team may be composed of members from different levels, but must compete at the category level of the team member in the highest grade.

  • Events with only two categories (Level 2 and Level 3) may not include members through grade 8.

  • Events with only one category (Level 3) may not include members through grade 10.

  • Other information on the definition of a team can be found in the Competitive Events Guide.

If you have questions or concerns about STAR Events, please contact the STAR Events Coordination Team:,, and