Member Awards

Youth Leader Recognition

Power of One

Power of One is a national and state recognition given for a member's work on individual goals and projects. Power of One is divided into five units. Each unit focuses on a different personal skill. Information about Power of One is found on the National Programs web page.

For state and national recognition, the Power of One Application form should be submitted after the completion of all five modules of Power of One. The adviser needs to open the chapter affiliation portal and click on the program awards tab. Then select Power of One. Click on the member's name and upload the application form. Pennsylvania FCCLA deadline is January 15.

Power of One can be earned each year with the member completing different unit projects. Pennsylvania recognition for earning the Power of One is a 1-inch gold pin shown to the right. This pin can be worn any time; many members wear it on their gown at graduation.

The national website has many resources for earning the Power of One. Scroll down and click on Power of One. Read through the information about each unit. Download the Power of One Application Form to begin your planning process. Keep the Power of One Application Form up to date as you work through each unit. Discuss your progress regularly with your adviser. When complete follow the national submission procedure.

Power of One PowerPoint has a list of examples for Power of One projects.

Chapter Member of the Year

Chapter members and the Chapter Adviser submit one member each year using criteria created by the chapter or by using the Suggested Criteria for Chapter Member of the Year. Your chapter nominee will receive state recognition at the State Leadership Conference. The selected member's name is submitted on the State Leadership Conference on-line registration. This is a great resume builder for that one member who has tirelessly contributed to your chapter goals.

SLC Ribbons are Back!!

Do you love the name tag ribbons you get at the State Leadership Conference every year? Do you wish you could have the opportunity to earn more ribbons? Listed below are the many opportunities that you and your chapter members can earn more ribbons!

Go For the Red Awards

Individual Awards:
Individual members have the opportunity to be awarded for recruiting three or more new members to FCCLA. Deadline: April 1. Go For the Red