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Searching for Direction

Do you aim to instill students with a love of learning? Advising an FCCLA chapter can be an excellent adventure with rich rewards, a stronger FACS program, closer relationships with students, and personal and professional recognition. Keep your eye on the prize, relax, and rely on your students creativity and enthusiasm!

Remember: You don’t have to do it all! FCCLA offers a variety of national programs and events to help increase the effectiveness of your Family and Consumer Sciences program and motivate students. During your chapter’s first years, guide members toward the programs that seem to best serve your local community needs. As members gain experience and build a tradition of chapter success, they will be ready to branch out into additional programs and events.

Where does a new adviser start?

  1. The first step for a new adviser is to establish and affiliate a FCCLA chapter. Follow the Chapter Checklist(.pdf) for basic guidelines on establishing a chapter. National and state affiliation is required to use the “FCCLA” name. Make sure your administration understands the benefits of having an FCCLA chapter.
  2. Many advisers find that the second step is to involve students right away in a hands-on project that are both fun and meaningful. Whether through an official FCCLA national program or a simple local effort, give members a chance to make a difference and take the lead.
  3. Attend an FCCLA regional and state meeting. Some new advisers travel with two or three members to regional or state meetings to check out what FCCLA is all about. It is recommended to travel with underclassmen so that when the new year starts, you will have members with experience.
  4. Ask the state adviser to explain how FCCLA is organized and to find an experienced adviser to be your mentor and sounding board. Obtain, review, and use FCCLA publications and audiovisual resources. Perhaps, most of all, enjoy your students and your FCCLA chapter experiences.

Things to keep in mind during the first year:

    • Start small.
    • Take one step at a time.
    • There are many ways to start a chapter. The important thing is to get started. Contact Mrs. Nadine Standley, the PA FCCLA State Facilitator, who can connect you with an experienced mentor in your area.
    • Persuasive presentations to your administration, school board, community, and parents are essential. A Parent Letter (attached below) is a good tool to send home. See the Adviser Resources page for other pamphlets for presentations.

Mrs. Nadine Standley, FCCLA Facilitator

PDE, BCTE, 11th Floor

333 Market Street

Harrisburg, PA 17126

Phone: 717.783.6952 Fax: 717.783.6672

Resources for New Advisers - Most of the following resources can be found on the National Website, Join FCCLA page.