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PA FCCLA Membership Campaign

Encouraging New Members

2019-2020 Kicking Off FCCLA Membership

Kicking Off FCCLA Membership is a list of campaigns to gain chapter membership. There are five categories and each has new and exciting campaigns to get your members motivated.  Select one campaign of your choice in each category. When a chapter completes and submits one campaign in every category, they are invited to an exclusive party at the State Leadership Conference!

This year we are using social media to report your campaigns. Snap a photo of the campaign and post it on your chapter’s social media** on one of the following social media platforms:
★ Instagram (recommended)
★ Facebook
Instagram is recommended because it is easier for state officers to find the hashtag used and keep track of who has completed their five campaigns. Personal and private accounts may not pass along this information. If you have trouble posting or if the photos have school restrictions, you may email your submission to Ellen Collins at

Reporting your achievements: When reporting, the captions on the photos should contain in order: School, the campaign number(s) of the category, the hashtags of the category, and a description of your activity. Example: John Doe High, #2, #intouchPAFCCLA, our chapter held a craft booth at the Fall Harvest Festival on October 12.

The deadline to post your campaign is March 10th.
If you have any questions contact Ellen Collins, Vice President of Membership at

Getting in Touch with the Community: #intouchPAFCCLA
1. Hold a cookout at a local Park
2. Hold a booth at a community event
3. Have a float in a local parade
4. Send a veteran a thank you card from your chapter

Advocate for FCCLA: #advocatePAFCCLA
1. Hang five different posters promoting FCCLA
2. Have an FCCLA stand at school orientation
3. Promote FCCLA at a school event
4. Post 8 positive image photos of your FCCLA chapter on a social media platform #advocatePAFCCLA

Participation is Key: #participationkeyPAFCCLA
1. Send 10 members to the Regional Leadership Meeting
2. Participate in the State Outreach Project
3. Have two members complete all Power of One Units
4. Have at least one new member register to compete in STAR Events

No Man Left Behind: #nomanleftPAFCCLA
1. Have four new members join FCCLA
2. Increase affiliated membership by six
3. Hold a membership party, inviting at least two people, not in FCCLA
4. Bring a potential FCCLA member to a chapter meeting

Membership Madness: #PAmembershipmadness
1. Participate in PA FCCLA Membership Recruitment Week (See attachment below.) - Date: September 16 - 20
2. Participate in FCCLA week: - Date: February 10 - 14
3. Share your membership story and encourage others to #JoinFCCLA and use #MembershipMadness with your social media
4. Participate in one of the FCCLA National Incentives: Safe Rides - Save Lives, Teen PSA Initiative, Taking Down Tobacco, iBuckleUp weBuckleUp, Lead4Change

** Make sure your chapter is complying with your school district’s social media policies.

Hope to see everyone at the Membership Party in March!


Debra Yablinsky,
Aug 1, 2019, 2:55 PM
Debra Yablinsky,
Aug 1, 2019, 2:36 PM