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2016-2017 PA FCCLA Membership Campaign

2016 Information will stay posted until the 2017 info is ready, so that new advisers can see the type of information that is given and required.

Encouraging New Members

2016-2017 Membership Campaign:  Membership in the Minute

This year we are inviting members to participate in the annual membership campaign to increase membership numbers and activity within our chapters.  We are asking chapters to participate in at least 4 out of 15 of the membership campaigns.  Each chapter that completes 4 campaigns will be invited to the “Homes by the Minute Party”.  Members who attend this SLC party will play Minute-to-Win-It games, enjoy good music, and meet members from other chapters within our state.

The Campaigns are: 

- Bring a newly affiliated member to SLC
- Re- affiliate a lost chapter
- Gain 3-5 new members in your chapter
- Get the national FCCLA PSA ad in your school announcements 5-10 times
- Host a social after school promoting FCCLA
- Promote FCCLA at a football game
- Speak to students about FCCLA through presentation
- Apply for grants and awards through FCCLA
- Host booths at freshman orientation about FCCLA
- Give 5-10 elevator speeches about FCCLA as a chapter
- Present to your school board about FCCLA
- Have members of your chapter attend Regional Leadership Meeting
- Post 3 pictures of your chapter in their FCCLA gear helping the community via social media or on your school website

- Refill the amount of members lost from leaving seniors from the previous year in your chapter Meet the minimum number of members affiliated for your chapter