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2018-2019 PA FCCLA Membership Campaign

Encouraging New Members

A Trip to Membership

This year we are encouraging all members to participate in the annual membership campaign to increase Pennsylvania’s membership and involvement within our chapters.  We are asking chapters to participate in at least 5 out of the 20 suggested membership activities.
Each chapter that completes 5 campaigns will be invited to the exclusive party at State Leadership Conference. Members who attend the exclusive party will play exciting games, 
dance to amazing music, and meet new members from different chapters across our state.

To report your achievements take pictures of your chapter working on the campaigns.  Send the pictures, in a jpeg format, attach them to an email that explains what campaign(s) is being completed, and your name and chapter name by March 1st to  If you post them to social media use the hash tag #TripToMembership

  1. Increase chapter by 5 members
  2. Replace the number of lost seniors
  3. Hold an ice-cream social
  4. Hang 3 posters promoting FCCLA
  5. Hold an informative meeting talking about the benefits of FCCLA
  6. Have 3 freshman join
  7. Have at least 3 members compete in a STAR Event at states
  8. Promote FCCLA at a school event
  9. Participate in FCCLA Week in February Via:
  10. Hold an FCCLA assembly for the school
  11. Send 8 members to Regional Leadership Meeting
  12. Speak to the School Board about the amazing experiences within FCCLA
  13. Post 3 Photos to a social media platform of your FCCLA chapter
  14. Create a brochure about FCCLA and hand them out to peers
  15. Have chapter bonding time after school hours
  16. Bring 1 friend that is not in FCCLA to a chapter meeting
  17. Apply for grants and scholarships within FCCLA
  18. Participate in National Programs
  19. Have an FCCLA booth at a community event
  20. Bring a new affiliated member to the State Leadership Conference
Hope to see everyone at the Membership Party in March!


Debra Yablinsky,
Sep 24, 2018, 12:49 PM