News & Media

Publicizing Your Chapter

Resources:  The “FCCLA Branding Guide” explains how to use the media to gain notoriety for your chapter.  This informative guide will tell you how and when to use a Public Service Announcement, Media Advisory, or News Release.  It will help you create a media plan for the year and offer suggestions about using different types of media including newspapers, radio, television, the Internet and social networking.

When to publicize their chapter:

Media Use:
Advisers and chapters need to use media to their advantage.  Press releases, news articles, websites, and social media are very important for chapter recognition and your public image.  When using social media, include #PAFCCLA so the state officers can have your post shared on PA FCCLA social media.

Public Relations Ideas: 
Make your FCCLA Chapter visible in the school with a showcase display, bulletin board, chapter t-shirts, participation in school assemblies, posting a FCCLA banner in your classroom, having members wear FCCLA red, publicize FCCLA STAR Events results and award winners in school-wide announcements, publish an article on the school website, FCCLA pictures in the school yearbook, using FCCLA officers in school events, etc. 

What to say:
To answer the question, "What is FCCLA?" chapter members and advisers should develop an short 2-3 sentence reply such as:

Chapter may want to use PSAs in their local media.  Nationals had provided a general FCCLA PSA for chapter use: