Adviser Resources

Connecting to Information

Back to School Release

Chapter Advisers are encouraged to download a copy of the Back to School Mailing. The Mailing includes important information regarding Fall Regional Leadership Meetings, the current Membership Campaign, and the current State Outreach Project. Plus it provides information about State Leadership Conference. Click on the file at the bottom of this page to download a copy of the Back to School Mailing.

Chapter Bylaws

Your chapter should have their own bylaws. These will help you keep order, establish rules, and are usually required by the school auditor because you collect money. Use the Bylaw sample below to help write your chapter’s bylaws.

Promoting Your Chapter

Promoting your chapter with your school board is a very important part of what you do. FCCLA National office has released a PDF that will help you plan your school board presentation. See the attached file below: Speaking with Your School Board.

Attached below are several pieces of information that can be used when talking to administrators or parents. Choose the one that is right for the audience: PA Brochure to Join FCCLA, PA FCCLA Recruitment Flyer and FCCLA Impact Flyer.

What is FCCLA? When explaining our organization to others, consider your audience. Students, parents, and administrators may need an in-depth answer. However the general public can have a short answer. Consider the following:

FCCLA stands for Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. We are a national career and technical student organization that focuses on leadership development in career pathways through Family and Consumer Sciences and Related Occupations.

Adviser to Adviser Leaders

Adviser-to-Adviser Leaders are instrumental in creating an adviser network in Pennsylvania and/or utilizing an existing network to assist state advisers with training and promotion of FCCLA. Through leadership, planning and training, Adviser to Adviser leaders are equipped with the tools to help motivate, recruit and retain advisers in Pennsylvania.


      • Challenge thinking
      • Guide discussions
      • Share ideas
      • Provide handouts/resources
      • Promote membership
      • Serve as a model
      • Network with advisers

Adviser Mentors

If you are interested in consulting with an Adviser Mentor, please contact Nadine Standley, State Facilitator at

Linking Competitive Events to National Standards and Initiatives

Competitive events strengthen the Family and Consumer Sciences program by increasing student motivation and providing a framework for authentic learning experiences. The attached document at the bottom of this page crosswalks each STAR Event and Skill Demonstration Event to the National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences, Common Career Technical Core Career Ready Practices, Career Clusters, 21st Century Skills, and the FCCLA National Programs.