State Outreach Project

Act Today, For a Better Tomorrow

The PA FCCLA State Outreach Project involves chapters creating projects that suit your local situation and correspond with a National Program.  

In Step 1, choose the type of task that interests you.  

In Step 2, match your task with a National Program to provide focus.   

To earn State Recognition:  Do any three tasks that match any National Program.  The tasks do not need to match to only one National Program and the tasks can be the same task done three times.  For example, you can do three Community Service Projects.  Your chapter members will earn community service items for their resumes.  

If your chapter attends State Leadership Conference and has completed three tasks, chapter members will be invited to a special event during State Leadership Conference.  

Submit by February 15:

Step 1:  Choose a task:

Step 2:  Focus your tasks on one of the National Programs:

Career Connection - helps members learn more about themselves, the workplace, and careers.

Community Service - guides members to identify local concerns and carry out projects to improve the quality of life.

FACTS - builds basic traffic skills among adults and peers through learning about habits, vehicles, and road safety.

Families First - helps gain an understanding of how families work and learn skills to become strong family members.

Financial Fitness - involves youth teaching other young people how to make, save, and spend money wisely.

Stand Up - guides members to develop their voice to make a positive impact  to improve the quality of life in their communities.

Student Body - helps members learn to make informed, responsible choices for physical and mental health.

*Power of One is an individual project, not an outreach project

Information about National Programs


National Program Award Opportunity

While the State Outreach Project is done once the above three tasks are complete, you can use those three tasks to submit a National Program Award application.  If you match the three tasks with the same national program, the tasks will provide you with great materials for the award application.  (Curriculum for National Programs are available to PA FCCLA advisers from our state facilitator.)

To submit for a National Program Award:

If you are interested in using this project to submit a National Program Award application, do three tasks focusing on the same National Program.  Award applications are found on the FCCLA Affiliation Portal under the Program Awards Tab.

Program Award Tips

Example for a National Program Award:  Invite a guest speaker to an FCCLA meeting or school assembly to talk about dating abuse awareness, Create a bulletin board at school about dating abuse awareness hotlines and resources, and Hold a poster contest advocating for dating safety.  Use the three activities to submit a Stand Up National Program Award application.

Example for a National Program Award: Sponsor a family reading night at your elementary school or local library to celebrate families,  Sponsor a family drive to help families overcome obstacles by providing food, toys, or clothing, and Sponsor a family resources event where the parents are involved in workshops that teach parenting skills and the children are involved in activities with FCCLA members.  Use the three activities to submit a Families First National Program Award application.

Example for a National Program Award:  Create a presentation on Healthy Snacks to present to teens and provide tasting samples,  Sponsor a guest speaker on a mental health issue like Dealing with Stress, and Sponsor a series of workshops for teens about expressing emotions in a healthy way.  Use the three activities to submit a Student Body National Program Award application.