For Outstanding Dedication and Achievement

FCCLA recognizes its members, advisers and adults for their outstanding dedication and achievement through a variety of recognition programs.

Member and Chapter Recognition

1. Members can participate in Competitive Events, such as: Family and Consumer Sciences Knowledge Bowl, and STAR Events - Students Taking Action with Recognition, on the local, state, and national level. Visit the Competitive Events page.

2. Members are recognized for their individual achievements through completion of Power of One. Power of One can be earned each year when the member completes different unit projects. Visit the Member Awards page for more information.

3. Chapters are recognized for their outstanding work through National Program Awards and for their efforts in the state outreach project and membership recruitment project. There are also awards listed on the Chapter Awards page.

4. Chapter members can be nominated for Chapter Member of the Year. Visit the Member Awards page for more information.

Member Scholarships

1. FCCLA recognizes the importance of higher education, and awards several scholarships to FCCLA members through sponsorship from partners and universities. Most scholarships are given through STAR Events competition. But others are available to all FCCLA members. Look through the Youth Scholarship page.

2. FCCLA members may apply to participate in a six-week Japanese Exchange Scholarship opportunity during the summer.

Adviser Recognition

1. The Adviser Recognition Program seeks to reward outstanding local advisers for their significant contributions to FCCLA. National recognition is given through the Master Adviser and Adviser Mentor Awards.

2. Chapter members and parents can nominate advisers for Chapter Adviser of the Year.

3. Chapter advisers with outstanding dedication can receive the Spirit of Advising Award.

Adult Recognition

FCCLA also recognizes adults who support FCCLA's programs and purposes. Chapters can nominate adults for the Chapter Service Award, State Service Award and Honorary Membership. Visit the Adult Awards section of the website to view the application and nomination forms.