Learning Leadership through FCCLA Meetings

Chapter Meetings

Chapters should set up FCCLA meetings to serve their needs. Business meetings should be held throughout the year to keep members informed of chapter finances, committee work, and chapter events. Work meetings can be very useful for getting projects organized.

FCCLA encourages chapters to use FCCLA ceremonies during their meetings. Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony should be used at all business meetings and FCCLA conferences. The Installation of Officer Ceremony should be used after chapter election of officers.

FCCLA Dress Code

PA FCCLA has a Dress Code for all PA FCCLA regional and state meetings. It is the responsibility of the adviser to enforce the dress code. Also use the Dress Code PowerPoint for a visual help when explaining the Dress Code to chapter members.

When attending a National FCCLA meeting, check for the National FCCLA Dress Code on the national website.

State and National Meetings

FCCLA sponsors multiple educational leadership training events throughout the year in various parts of Pennsylvania and the country. Conference dates are scheduled well in advance for the next several years. View the Future Meetings.

Each year the Pennsylvania FCCLA State Executive Council plans Regional Leadership Meetings for FCCLA members and advisers. These meetings are aimed at specific regional needs and concerns, state-wide Program of Work, leadership development and an introduction to the FCCLA year. Members and advisers are encouraged to attend and participate in this one-day conference event held every Fall!

The Pennsylvania FCCLA State Leadership Conferences is a 3-day event held in the Spring. Members have the opportunity to compete in competitive events, attend workshops, and network with other members from across the state.

Are you ready to take your leadership and advocacy skills to the next level? Join FCCLA at Capitol Leadership in Washington, D.C during the fall. This is an exciting and unique opportunity for all nationally affiliated FCCLA members and advisers from across the country to network with each other, develop leadership skills, participate in service-learning opportunities, and advocate for FCCLA. For more information on Capitol Leadership, see the National website, Meetings.

Attend a National Fall Conference to discover new ways to put FCCLA’s national programs to work for you! National Fall Conference provides an opportunity for students and advisers to come together for fun, inspiration, to expand leadership skills, sharpen talents, compete, and explore career pathways. Through positive initiatives and strong leadership development, FCCLA members strive to make a lasting impression in their families, schools, and communities. For more information on National Fall Conference, see the National website, Meetings.

A National Leadership Conference experience will empower members to take initiative to make change in their families, careers and communities. With competitive events, powerful speakers, and motivating general sessions, members have the opportunity to stand out and become dynamic leaders. While members and advisers develop their leadership skills, they also have the opportunity to check out city attractions and take part in special events. For more information on National Leadership Conference, see the National website, Meetings.