Chapter Awards

Pennsylvania FCCLA Outstanding Chapter Award

Submission Deadline: March 1

Pennsylvania Association of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America presents Outstanding Chapter awards to those chapters that plan and conduct well-balanced programs of work. This award provides an opportunity for chapters, through self-evaluation, to receive recognition and to highlight their chapter’s success. For purposes of this recognition program, the chapter year shall run from March 1 to March 1.

Outstanding FCCLA chapters are those which plan balanced programs of work that support the state and national FCCLA strategic plans by including the following areas:

  • Chapter operations

  • Regional, State and National involvement

  • FCCLA Programs

  • Public Relations

  • Membership

  • Exceptional activities

Chapters should print the award checklist and record points in each section, then calculate the total number of points earned. The total number of possible points is 201.

Recognition will be assigned according to the points earned on the checklist:

  • 70 points and above - Gold Outstanding Chapter

  • 50 - 69 points - Silver Outstanding Chapter

  • Above 40 points Outstanding Young Chapter (years 1 - 5)

Chapter Award Checklist:

  • Answer each item. Check the appropriate chapter accomplishments.

  • Do not mail anything to the state office; this recognition is only submitted digitally.

  • Record the indicated points in the “Points Earned” column on the checklist. Calculate your totals.

On-line submission:
To submit your Outstanding Chapter Award Application, be ready to fill out the entire form once you start. Use the checklist to collect your information. Submission form.

Caring Chapter Award

Chapters can earn the “Caring Chapter Award” by completing 2 community service projects for our school or community. The awards is earned when at least 5 members participate in each project. If you post your pictures to your Instagram or Facebook, please use the hashtag #PAFCCLA.
For award submission, send pictures and description to the VP of Recognition, Chloe Prowitt:, and her adviser Brittany Aliveto: Deadline is March 1.

Social Media Award

Chapters can earn the “Social Media Award" by completing 4 or more of the 10 options below and submitting proof by posting your pictures to your Instagram or Facebook account with the hashtag #PAFCCLA and send proof to the VP of Recognition, Chloe Prowitt:, and her adviser Brittany Aliveto: Deadline is March 1.

  • Post about your chapter attending regionals

  • Make at least 2 posts in a month of your choice

  • Make 3 different posts about fun activities that your chapter is participating in

  • Have a post for each one of your chapter officers welcoming them into their position

  • Have a post for your state officer in your chapter (if you have one)

  • Have a chapter group picture and include your adviser in one

  • Post a picture of your members who received Power of One Recognition

  • Have a post of members in each grade level

  • Post your community service projects #PAFCCLAcares

  • Show off your FCCLA pride by posting a picture of your chapter wearing FCCLA shirts

Go For the Red: National Chapter Award

Chapters will be awarded Bronze, Silver, or Gold status for increasing membership by 10, 15, or 20 members as compared to last year. If the applicant meets all qualifications and deadlines, the chapter will receive an FCCLA banner to showcase their achievement. Deadline April 1. Go For the Red