Regional Leadership Meetings

Pennsylvania FCCLA 2020
Regional Leadership Meetings

During FCCLA Regional Leadership Meetings, Chapter Members and Advisers will participate in workshops and activities, learn new project ideas, meet fellow FCCLA members, and network with chapters and members from our region! These meetings are aimed at leadership development, state-wide programs and an exciting start to the FCCLA year.

The theme for the 2020 meeting is “Lights, Camera, Take ACTION.”

Virtual Regional Leadership Meeting has three components: Leadership Training, STAR Event, and a judging opportunity.

Chapter advisers should inform their administration that this is a virtual meeting utilizing PA FCCLA YouTube channel and website.

The first component is Leadership Training with dynamic videos custom-made for PA FCCLA by professionals. The workshop videos range widely on current interests and concerns in FCS and related occupations and include effective guided questions. Accompanying the professional videos are short presentations from the state officers about PA FCCLA initiatives and awards for the 2020-2021 FCCLA year. Videos Table of Contents.

The second component is a PA FCCLA first-ever RLM STAR Events Competition in which your members can compete in a STAR Event and earn recognition. The STAR Event is Professional FCCLA Presentation which has been written for this RLM. The rubric contains all specifications and timelines. Everyone competes in the same event. Your chapter can have multiple teams entered but each team must create their own presentation.

The third component is an awesome opportunity for members to evaluate STAR Events. While serving as evaluators during this RLM competition, members can learn more about STAR Events and reading rubrics. Volunteer members will be assigned to judge several projects and serve on teams with other members and one adult.

Regional Leadership Meeting Registration Directions

The registration for FCCLA Regional Leadership Meeting is on-line.

1. Registration is open from September 9, 2020 to October 30, 2020.
2. Register your chapter for leadership training.
3. Register your STAR Events participants for RLM competition.
4. Register your judging volunteer members.

COSTS: RLM chapter registration is $35 and includes one free team RLM STAR Event registration. Additional RLM STAR Event registrations are $5.00 per team.

Fee Deadline is November 13. STAR Events results and leadership videos will not be released until fees are paid.

Once meeting fees are paid, leadership training links will be sent to the chapters. The training is designed to be used with timely discretion by the adviser. The STAR Event must be completed by members by November 1, 2020 and the judging evaluation will be completed by November 13, 2020. Award announcements will be made by Thanksgiving.

Link: RLM STAR Event Rubric Professional FCCLA Presentation.

RLM Information Document is attached if the chapter needs paperwork to attach to school forms.


Mrs. Nadine Standley, State FCCLA Facilitator,
Mrs. Renee Greene, STAR Event Team,
Mrs. Debra Yablinsky, STAR Event Team,
Mr. Evan Kinney, STAR Event Team,


Registration check payable to PA FCCLA (no personal checks are accepted)
Registration must be received by November 1, 2020.
Send Check to: Mrs. Betty Rosmus, FCCLA Treasurer
888 Baumgardner Road, South Fork, PA 15956

2020 Virtual Regional Leadership Meeting Information