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State Officer Candidate Information

Becoming a State Officer

The state organization shall have eleven elected officers; nine of the officers shall be elected by their respective regions; and two members elected as middle level members at large. Such officers shall be members of the State Executive Council and shall elect from their ranks a President, First Vice President and Secretary. Each of the remaining officers shall be appointed as Vice President of Programs, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Public Relations, Vice President of Recognition, Vice President of Elections, Vice President of Meetings; and two Vice Presidents of Middle Level Chapters. 

State Officer Qualifications
Candidates for state office shall have the following qualifications:
a. Currently an active member in an affiliated FCCLA chapter and an active member in good standing;
b. Has taken or is currently enrolled in a Family and Consumer Sciences or Related Career and Technical course;
c. Has a scholastic rating of C or above;
d. Has shown leadership ability and responsibility at the chapter level;
e. A person may not be elected to serve for more than two years as a state officer and no person will serve more than once in any one position. Exception being in the event there are openings on the State Executive Council by the State Leadership Conference, a student who has already served two terms on the State Executive Council will have the opportunity to serve a third term as a state officer at large under the following conditions: 
1. The student has not served a term as state president 
2. The student has the required approval from the chapter adviser in consultation with the state staff.
f. Support and approval of the local chapter adviser, administration, parents or guardians, State Nominations/Elections Committee and State Executive Council;
g. The student must meet local school district requirements for participation in extracurricular activities.

Two middle level state officers will be elected by middle level chapters. Candidates for middle level office shall have the following qualifications: 
       a. The student must be registered in a middle or junior high school program;
b. The student must be an affiliated member of FCCLA;
c. The student must have at least one year experience as a member of FCCLA before assuming Middle Level State Officer responsibilities;
d. The student must meet local school district requirements for participation in extracurricular activities;
e. The student must be in seventh grade or younger in the year of candidacy;
f.  The student's parents or guardian must accompany the student to all state and national meetings.

Candidates are nominated by local chapters in good standing. Only two candidates per school shall be submitted regardless of the number of chapters within the school. The voting shall be by secret ballot for the officers to be elected. The three candidates from each of the three regions receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected. These officers will be voted on by those chapters in their region. State officer candidates will be voted on at the State Leadership Conference.

State Officer Responsibilities
The responsibilities of a State Officer include:
  • Fulfilling the roles of your position title
  • Monthly Reports due each month 
  • Planning and participating in Regional Leadership Meetings and State Leadership Conference 
  • Attending all State Executive Council work and training sessions
  • Maintaining a positive and professional image and attitude 
  • Acting as a positive role model for other members 
  • Maintaining a C or above scholastic rating 
  • Completing all assignments on time and meeting all deadlines

State Officer Candidacy Process
Students interested in being part of the State Executive Council should:
  1.   Discuss the roles and responsibilities with his/her adviser, school administration and parents. 
  2.   Decide if he/she has the time to complete the obligations of becoming a state officer.
  3.   Read the PA FCCLA Bylaws and State Officer & Adviser Handbook for state officer details.
  4.   Understand the costs, responsibilities and time required to be a state officer
    • Financial Obligation of the State Officer
      • State Officer Uniform - Official FCCLA Blazer and required uniform pieces. 
      • National Leadership Conference Registration and Expenses (optional)
      • Adviser Expenses (at the cost of the chapter, School District, or self) - Hotel, Meal and Travel Expenses --- Expenses for the adviser may include the Substitute Teacher.  Some adviser expenses are reimbursed as described in the State Officer & Adviser Handbook.
    • Time/Date Requirements of the State Officer and Adviser (All required and optional dates will be listed on the State Officer Permission Form and are described in the State Officer & Adviser Handbook)
      • New Officer Orientation (3 Days in April/May)
      • National Leadership Conference (5 Days in July) (optional)
      • Summer State Officer Training (3 Days in July/August)
      • Regional Leadership Meeting (1-2 Days in Fall)
      • Fall State Executive Council Work Session (3 Days in September/October)
      • Winter State Executive Council Work Session (3 Days in January/February)
      • State Leadership Conference (5 Days in March/April)
   5.  Complete and submit the following documents by the January 15 deadline to Mrs. Nadine Standley, State Facilitator:
  • State Officer Candidate Nomination Information Form  (SO600)
  • State Officer Candidate Member Resume VITA Form  (SO601)
  • State Officer Candidate Qualifications, Dates, Permission Form   (SO602)
   6.  Complete a State Officer Candidacy test at State Leadership Conference. The test is usually given on the first day of the conference at 11:30 am. You will need a 70% on the test in order to continue running for State Office. Use the study guide attached below.  The test is also used to break an election tie.
   7.  On the first day of the conference, you will attend a test, an orientation, a session with the voting delegates, opening session and region meetings.  During this day, you should dress according to our PA FCCLA Dress Code.
On the second day of the conference, you should attend the business meeting to hear the results of the voting.  If you are elected, you will attend a leadership meeting (where next year's president is elected), and an installation practice.  For these meetings, you should dress according to our PA FCCLA Dress Code.  In the evening on the second day of conference, you will attend an evening awards session.  For this session,  please follow the gala attire on the PA FCCLA Dress Code.
On the third day of the conference, you will be part of the installation and closing session.  Please wear black slacks and a white oxford shirt. Guys should also wear ties.

  8.  During the Region Meeting, after you give your 3-5 minute speech, you will be asked a situational question.  The best way to prepare for this question, is to talk to your adviser about funding, chapter management, FCS and Related Occupation classes and advisories, public relations ideas, and community involvement in FCCLA.   Questions may be similar to these:
    - How would you answer a new student to your school if they ask “Why should I join FCCLA?”
    - Give an elevator speech about FCCLA.
    - If your school board wanted to cut your FCCLA chapter, what would you say to them?

  9.  Campaigning is not permitted when running for state office.


2020 SLC State Officer Candidate Speech Topics
State Officer Candidates will give two speeches during State Leadership Conference if they pass the State Officer Candidacy Test.  The One-Minute Speech is during the Opening Session.  The Three-to-Five-Minute Speech is during your Region Meeting.  Be prepared to hand in a copy of your speeches, typed on 8.5 x 11-inch paper during the State Officer Candidate Orientation.  No props or materials may be used in presentation of the speeches.

One Minute Speech Topic
State Officer Candidates should prepare a one-minute speech to be given during the Opening Session (Monday) on this topic:  FCCLA is the only career and technical in-school student organization with the family as its central focus. Explain how family relates to FCCLA?

3 - 5 Minute Speech Topic
State Officer Candidates should prepare a three to five-minute speech to be given during the Region Meeting (Monday) on this topic: How do you contribute to your chapter when participating in chapter activities?  And what new ideas do you have for your chapter?

Chapter members interested in becoming a State Officer are encouraged to view the State Officer Candidacy PowerPoint created by 2012-2013 First Vice President, Kaylah Kerschner. 

State Officer and Adviser Handbook 
It is highly recommended that all candidates read the State Officer and Adviser Handbook found under the Youth Leaders Tab, State Officer Tools and Resources.
Once State Officer Candidates take office, they must sign, scan and email the following page of the State Officer and Adviser Handbook to Mrs. Standley, PA FCCLA State Facilitator.  
  • Page 5 - Code of Ethic's Signature Page
  • Page 6 - Social Media Code of Conduct

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