Pennsylvania STAR Events National Team

Congratulations to 2020 PA FCCLA
STAR Events National Team

Career Investigation, Level 3

Miranda Weiland, Cambria Heights HS

Chapter in Review Display, Level 3

Isabella Narduzzi, Julianna Werner, North Allegheny HS

Chapter Service Project Display, Level 1

Chloe Burden, Taylor Hontz, Shea McNett, Warrior Run MS

Chapter Service Project Display, Level 3

Ana Key, North Allegheny HS

Joie Engle, Trinity HS

Ariana Rieder, Alexis Staggert, Warrior Run HS

Culinary Math Management, Level 3

Zachary Yeager, Kaitlyn Pester, Greene County CTC

Entrepreneurship, Level 3

Venice Lin, North Allegheny HS

Food Innovations, Level 1

Julian Ziegler, Canton HS

Food Innovations, Level 2

Andrea McMullen, Cambria Heights HS

Kylie Landon, Canton HS

Food Innovations, Level 3

John Vrona, David Hayes, Greene County CTC

Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation, Level 3

Kyle Fitzgerald, Beaver County CTC

Instructional Video Design, Level 1

Tyler Engel, Canton HS

Job Interview, Level 3

Josie Kelley, Canton HS

Abigail Gudeman, York Tech

Professional Presentation, Level 2

McKayla Rezk, Margaret Wallen, Cambria Heights HS

National Ranking: For a short time after National Leadership Conference, advisers can check to see how your members ranked in NLC STAR Events. Click on their Membership ID Number on the Chapter Members page of your Chapter Affiliation portal.