Pennsylvania STAR Events National Team

Congratulations to 2023 PA FCCLA
STAR Events National Team 

Baking and Pastry Level 3

Danielle Klahr, Berks CTC West PM

Kaitlyn Tahuilan, Reading Muhlenberg CTC AM Baking

Career Investigation Level 1

Reagan Conner, Cambria Heights MS

Career Investigation Level 2

Hazel Hilyer, West Forest Jr./Sr. HS

Keira Peniche, Wallenpaupack Area HS

Chapter in Review Level 3

Finley Hohn, Kelsey Bishop, Trinity High School

Chapter Service Project Display  Level 1

Michaela Wallen, Sadie Bradley, Cambria Heights MS

Chapter Service Project Level 2

Kiley Oliver, West Forest Jr./Sr. HS

Chapter Service Project Display Level 3

Kyleigh Schaefer, Maria Janiga, Norwin HS

Faith Shoff, Malayna Kile, York Tech

Chapter Service Project Portfolio  Level 1

Alexandrea Carroll, Hailee Oliver, East Forest Jr/Sr HS

Chapter Service Project Portfolio  Level 3

Abby Boyd, Riley Treser, A.W. Beattie Career Center PM

Kendra Carroll, Olivia Thompson,  East Forest Jr/Sr HS

Culinary Arts Level 3

Alexandria Miller, Lehigh CTI PM

Dylan Wilson, Greene County CTC AM

Early Childhood Education Level 3

Angelique Glamann, Delaware Valley HS

Kenley Adair, Western Montgomery CTC - Early Childhood Education

Entrepreneurship Level 1

Alison McLaughlin, Colton Whitton, Robert Payne, West Forest Jr./Sr. HS

Entrepreneurship Level 2

Ceanna Williams, Kate Tamplin, Sara Gagnon, Delaware Valley HS

Entrepreneurship Level 3

Micayla Armstrong, York Tech

Bonnie Butler, Katielynn Roadman, Seth Sterrett, Central Westmoreland CTC AM

Event Management Level 3

Emily King, Greensburg Salem HS

Alexis Svidron, Elise Schaeffer, Ella Bieniek, 

A.W. Beattie Career Center AM

Fashion Construction Level 2

Jazmilex Martinez, Reading Muhlenberg CTC Sewing & Clothing Manufacturing

Fashion Construction Level 3

Riley Greenberg, York Suburban HS

Ayanalis Cordero, Reading Muhlenberg CTC Sewing & Clothing Manufacturing

Fashion Design Level 3

Alisaii Alcantara, Emerson Stitzman, Ilary Perez Pina, Reading Muhlenberg CTC Sewing & Clothing Manufacturing

Focus on Children Level 1

Ellie Kerfonta, Cambria Heights MS

Focus on Children Level 2

Anagha Gopi Vallabha, TCHS-Pickering

Jayden McKeel, West Forest Jr./Sr. HS

Focus on Children Level 3

Ashley Murphy, York Tech

Ayumi Schuster, Karen Guo, Wallenpaupack Area HS

Food Innovations Level 1

Abigail Lute, Cambria Heights MS

Savannah Bastian-Brown, Canton Jr/Sr HS

Food Innovations Level 2

Christopher Hoovler, Jesse Peterson, Nathaniel Sample, West Forest Jr./Sr. HS

Tommy Helkowski, Zach Wynne, A.W. Beattie Career Center PM

Food Innovations Level 3

Josephine Gonzalez, Zeharah Davis, Reading Muhlenberg CTC AM Baking

Abrianna Hoag, Jasmine Fouch-Cox, Kayleen Workman, Greene County CTC AM

Hospitality, Tourism, Recreation Level 2

Macalie Hoffmann, West Forest Jr./Sr. HS

Layla McCormick, Sara Acosta, Delaware Valley HS

Hospitality, Tourism, Recreation Level 3

Kimberly Heck, Berks CTC West PM

Bryce King, Lucas Leichter, Lauren Uveges, Greene County CTC AM

Job Interview Level 2

Chloe Schearer, York Tech

Job Interview Level 3

Lauren Filak, York Tech

Alexandra Sanchez, Reading Muhlenberg CTC AM Baking

Leadership Level 2

Emily Dowdell, TCHS-Pickering

Leadership Level 3

Anthony Nassar,  Lehigh Career and Technical Institute PM

Sophia Cooper, TCHS-Pickering

National Programs in Action Level 1

Jacob Glass, Vera Heferle, East Forest Jr/Sr HS

Arianna Jasper, Karlie Bradley, Cambria Heights MS

National Programs in Action Level 2

Jonah Glass, Lauren Geraci, Nick Geraci, East Forest Jr/Sr HS

Pen Garner, York Tech

National Programs in Action Level 3

Sydney Miller, Fairfield HS

Deanna Warner, Zachary Mislevy, Cambria Heights HS

Nutrition and Wellness Level 1

Emma Lewis, Lilli Carnicella, Cambria Heights MS

Nutrition and Wellness Level 2

Jacob Guilbe, Jazmine Moran, Berks CTC West AM

Nutrition and Wellness Level 3

Arianna Lewis, Kailyn Wood, Delaware Valley HS

Professional Presentation Level 1

Grace Hock, Cambria Heights MS

Fayth Kilbourn, Canton Jr/Sr HS

Professional Presentation Level 2

Clay Soares, Lehigh CTI AM

Angelina Journell, Isabella Lookenbill, York Tech

Professional Presentation Level 3

Abigail Bird, Belle Port, Lydia Tshudy, Cumberland Perry Area CTC

Jillian Tait, Kaelin DeSanti, Wallenpaupack Area HS

Promote and Publicize FCCLA Level 3

Carina Harris, Lily Robert, Wallenpaupack Area HS

Keaoni Bair, Noah Gellman, York Suburban HS

Public Policy Advocate Level 3

Kara Elliott, A.W. Beattie Career Center AM

Repurpose and Redesign Level 1

Madison Morley, Selena Smith, Cambria Heights MS

Repurpose and Redesign Level 2

Alexis McRoberts, Lyle Vermilya, Tyler Engel, Canton Jr/Sr HS

Abigail Grove, Maleah Kuczynski, York Tech

Repurpose and Redesign Level 3

Annabell Witthauer, Emma Amereihn, Macey DiBastiani, York Tech

Camille McRoberts, Canton Jr/Sr HS

Say Yes to FCS Education Level 3

Samantha Walzer, Delaware Valley High School

Sports Nutrition Level 1

Kaylin Ebbs, Sophia Sunseri, Cambria Heights MS

Sustainability Challenge Level 1

Jaxon Queen, Nathan Mislevy, Cambria Heights MS

Sustainability Challenge Level 3

Esther Forker, Jeffrey Bayle, West Forest Jr./Sr. HS

Teach or Train Level 2

Tasiyah Johnson, York Tech

Teach or Train Level 3

Abigail Lloyd, Delaware Valley HS

Trista Dalessio, Early Childhood Education Reading Muhlenberg CTC

National Ranking:  Advisers can check to see how your members ranked in NLC STAR Events.  Click on their Membership ID Number on the Chapter Members page of your Chapter Affiliation portal.