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Pennsylvania STAR Events National Team

Congratulations to all STAR Events participants at the 2018 National Leadership Conference.  Our Pennsylvania team won 25 gold medals, 34 silver medals, and 9 bronze medals. To see how your members ranked in STAR Events, click on their Membership ID Number on the first page of your chapter affiliation portal.

Congratulations to 2018 PA FCCLA STAR Events National Team 
Advocacy, Senior Category:
Amanda Hamilton, Elyssa Bohr, Cuumberland Perry AVTS
Morgan Doshan, Norwin HS

Advocacy, Occupational Category:
Sienna Montalvo, Austina Strong, Berks CTC West AM

Career Investigation, Occupational Category:
Bailee Greenfield, Western Montgomery CTC Early Childhood
Bryan Hoge, Greene County CTC AM

Chapter in Review Display, Senior Category:
Makiya Bellotti, Cassie Cochran, East Forest Jr/Sr High
Josalyn Bradley, South Williamsport Jr/Sr High

Chapter in Review Portfolio, Junior Category:
Kyra Mattison, Mya Snyder, Mifflinburg Area Middle School

Chapter Service Project Display, Junior Category:
Delila Hofer, Josie Myers, Cambria Heights Middle School
Sierra Salvatore-Keyes, Brooke Wagner, Titusville Middle School

Chapter Service Project Display, Senior Category:
Kierstan Wheeling, Micaela Zdarko, Titusville HS
Emily Bechtel, Morgan Bechtel, Lauren McKay, Wilson High School

Chapter Service Project Display, Occupational Category:
Victoria Compernolle, Samantha Shideler, A.W. Beattie Career Center PM
Karina Evans, Kayla Henry, Krystin Shaull, York Tech

Chapter Service Project Portfolio, Junior Category:
Rachel Jackson, Abigail Sampsell, Charlene Sliker, Titusville Middle School

Chapter Service Project Portfolio, Senior Category:
Ryan Ranck, Sarah Ranck, Warrior Run
Nicole Burton, Roxanne VanWormer, Titusville HS

Chapter Service Project Portfolio, Occupational Category:
Mia Arcieri, Shelby Perry, York Tech

Culinary Arts, Occupational Category:
Kalei Bogetti, Kolton Scholl, Emmanuelle Tiru-Perez, Northumberland County CTC

Early Childhood Education, Occupational Category:
Melissa Pasquel, Cumbeland Perry AVTS
Abigail Gudeman, York Tech

Entrepreneurship, Occupational Category:
Kyle Sharp, Zachary Smith, Sara Hornick, Greene County CTC AM

Environmental Ambassador, Junior Category:
Cameron Farabaugh, Zachary Mislevy, Colin Sherry, Cambria Heights Middle School
Lydia Burk, Katelyn Haytko, Wallenpaupack Area HS

Environmental Ambassador, Senior Category:
Nicole Kugel, Sun Valley HS

Fashion Construction, Senior Category:
Deitra Harnish, North Allegheny HS

Fashion Construction, Occupational Category:
Stephanie Vargas-Hemmings, RMCTC AM Baking

Fashion Design, Occupational Category:
Leslie Tolentino, RMCTC AM Baking

Focus on Children, Junior Category:
Natalie Diven, Josie Toth, Norwin High School
Makayla Holland, Amanda Price, Cambria Heights High School

Focus on Children, Senior Category:
Olivia Hite, Melisa Koegler, Cambria Heights High School
Alyssa White, Fairfield High School

Focus on Children, Occupational Category:
Annberly Duke, Alyssa Tassos, Sarah Duffy, Delaware Valley High School
Robin Bateman, Gwen Norton, Western Montgomery CTC Early Childhood

Food Innovations, Junior Category:
Laine Martin, Paige Stewart, Mifflinburg Area Middle School 
Alyjah Carter, Shia Epperson-Butler, Anayah Hunter, Independence Middle School

Food Innovations, Occupational Category: 
Leigha Helmbright, Jordan Magee, Kelystah Martisko, Greene County CTC AM 
Geoffery Nagle, Autumn Schabener, Berks CTC East AM 
Illustrated Talk, Junior Category:
Miranda Weiland, Cambria Heights Senior High
Angelo Mozina, Zechariah Scott, Cambria Heights Middle School

Illustrated Talk, Senior Category:
Angelina Harp, East Forest Jr/ Sr High School

Illustrated Talk, Occupational Category:
Samuel Waltemyer, York Tech
Meghan Goetz, Berks CTC East PM

Interior Design, Senior Category:
Jordan Simko, Norwin High School

Interior Design, Occupational Category:
Jade Majerich, Madison Palleria, Lehigh Career PM

Job Interview, Senior Category:
Emma Bly, Canton J/Sr High School

Job Interview, Occupational Category:
Madalyn Kordek, York Tech
Abigail Reifsneifer, Western Montgomery CTC Early Childhood

Life Event Planning, Junior Category:
Grace Jacobs, Lyndsey Kitchen, Cambria Heights Middle School

Life Event Planning, Senior Category:
Nikki McCombie, Abbey Kinney, Cambria Heights High School
Josie Kelley, Canton Jr/Sr High School

Life Event Planning, Occupational Category:
Naomi Albarran Almodovar, Luis Martinez, Amelia Moore, Early Childhood Education RMCTC
Kira Quigley, Riley Williams, Cumberland Perry AVTS

National Programs in Action, Senior Category:
Samantha Cordner, Taylor Campbell, Central Dauphin High School
Anthony Smith, Dillon Dicorpo, East Forest Jr/ Sr High School

Nutrition and Wellness, Senior Category:
Hannah Wilsbach, Middletown Area High School

Nutrition and Wellness, Occupational Category:
Sarah Nevill, Beaver County CTC AM & PM

Promote and Publicize FCCLA!, Junior Category:
Andrea McMullen, Kaylee Thomas, Cambria Heights Middle School

Promote and Publicize FCCLA!, Senior Category:
Abigail Redd, Titusville HS

Recycle and Redesign, Junior Category:
Cole Weiland, Cambria Heights Middle School
Trinity Boland, Cambria Heights High School

Recycle and Redesign, Senior Category:
Parastoo Aramesh, North Allegheny High School
Jennifer Piesner, Central Dauphin High School

Recycle and Redesign, Occupational Category:
Sylvan Ortiz, Delaware Valley High School

Say Yes to FCS Education, Senior Category:
Tyler Martin, Norwin HighSchool

Say Yes to FCS Education, Occupational Category:
Autumn Vallis, Delaware Valley High School
Ashley Torres, Wallenpaupack Area High School

Sports Nutrition, Junior Category:
Emma Kent, Kennedy Rogal, Cambria Heights Middle School
Amelia Mozina, Cambria Heights High School

Sports Nutrition, Senior Category:
Taylor Winslow, Cambria Heights High School
Gabby Roberts, Fairfield High School

Teach and Train, Senior Category:
Larissa Deesing, Wilson High School

Teach and Train, Occupational Category:
Katie Mauro, Delaware Valley High School
Taylar Mager, Bradford Area Childcare
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