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Pennsylvania STAR Events National Team

Congratulations to all STAR Events participants at the 
2018 National Leadership Conference.  
Our Pennsylvania team won 25 gold medals, 
34 silver medals, and 9 bronze medals. 

Congratulations to 2019 PA FCCLA STAR Events National Team 
Advocacy, Senior Category:
Jessica Phillips, Sun Valley HS
Monica Boone, Samantha Branton, South Williamsport Area HS

Advocacy, Occupational Category:
Sienna Montalvo, Austina Strong, Berks CTC West AM

Career Investigation, Junior Category:
Ashley Cramer, Norwin HS
Morgan Toth, Charleroi Area HS

Career Investigation, Senior Category:
Lydia Sherry, Cambria Heights HS
Ashley Torres, Wallenpaupack HS

Career Investigation, Occupational Category:
Ashley Catron, York Tech
Katie Baker, Norwin HS

Chapter in Review Display, Senior Category:
Dominic Grubbs, Jacob Grubbs, Travis Swartz, West Forest Jr/Sr HS
Kelsey Bennett, Raelee Brown, Trinity HS

Chapter in Review Portfolio, Junior Category:
Elizabeth Bierly, Aliyah Ikbarieh, Morgan Traver, Mifflinburg Area MS

Chapter in Review Portfolio, Senior Category:
Abbey Kinney, Amelia Mozina, Cambria Heights HS

Chapter in Review Portfolio, Occupational Category:
Amber Hitchcock, Destiny Smith, Bradford High Child Care

Chapter Service Project Display, Junior Category:
Elaina Beatty, East Forest Jr/Sr HS

Chapter Service Project Display, Senior Category:
Jaiden Bradley, Josalyn Bradley, South Williamsport HS
Ciara Carlisle, Elizabeth Sheedy, Central Dauphin HS

Chapter Service Project Display, Occupational Category:
Ryanne Taylor, Alyssa Toscano, AW Beattie Career Center PM
Kyra Bernotas, Mikayla Kilpatrick, Abby Duffy Parry, TCHS Pickering

Chapter Service Project Portfolio, Senior Category:
Olivia Hite, Melisa Koegler, Cambria Heights HS
Lauren Coleman, Courtney Buck, Clearfield HS

Culinary Arts, Occupational Category:
Fernando Gonzalez, Leonel Mendez-Casaneda, John Weik, Reading Muhlenberg CTC Culinary PM

Early Childhood Education, Occupational Category:
Victoria Compernolle, AW Beattie Career Center PM
Shelby Moyer, Western Montgomery CTC Early Childhood Education

Entrepreneurship, Junior Category:
Zoe Bedner, McKenna McShane, Wallenpaupack HS

Entrepreneurship, Senior Category:
Rosy Chen, Shishan Li, Christina Zhou, North Allegheny HS
Anna Bailor, Grace Bendolfo, Abigail Heasley, Delaware Valley HS

Entrepreneurship, Occupational Category:
Destiny Phillips, Vanessa Bidilion, Greene County CTC AM

Environmental Ambassador, Junior Category:
Ethan King, Zechariah Scott, Cambria Heights MS
Haley Bell, Bethel Park HS

Environmental Ambassador, Senior Category:
Lydia Burke, Katelyn Haytko, Wallenpaupack HS

Fashion Construction, Senior Category:
Trinity Boland, Cambria Heights HS

Fashion Construction, Occupational Category:
Truc Phuong Ha, RMCTC Sewing & Clothing Manufacturing

Fashion Design, Senior Category:
Joie Engle, Trinity HS

Fashion Design, Occupational Category:
Divya Samant, TCHS Pickering

Focus on Children, Junior Category:
Holly Ilgenfritz, Madelyn Hart, York Tech
Karin Johnson, Josie Meyers, Cambria Heights MS

Focus on Children, Senior Category: 
Makayla Holland, Taylor Yannitelli, Cambria Heights HS 
Josie Toth, Norwin HS 

Focus on Children, Occupational Category: 
Kiarra McCloud, Wallenpaupack HS 
Sierra Wood, Brittney Porter, Jasmyne Kymer, Delaware Valley HS 
Food Innovations, Junior Category:
Anna Charney, Hannah Krug, Cambria Heights MS
Carly Mezzelo, McKayla Rezk, Cambria Heights HS

Food Innovations, Senior Category:
Lillian Chamberlain, Brittany Mosher, Canton Jr/Sr HS
Haley Haselbarth, Amanda Price, Cambria Heights HS

Food Innovations, Occupational Category:
Michelle Brumbaugh, Abby Caruso, TCHS Pennocks Bridge, PM
Gabrielle Howarth, Lehigh CTI PM

Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation, Occupational Category:
Leigha Helmbright, Nikolas Streit, Greene County CTC AM

Illustrated Talk, Junior Category:
Abigail Sampsell, Titusville HS
Cameron Farabaugh, Cambria Heights MS

Illustrated Talk, Senior Category:
Tessa Korchak, East Forest Jr/ Sr High School

Illustrated Talk, Occupational Category:
Mia Arcieri, Malaysia Beady, Shelby Perry, York Tech
Yohanna Arias, Lehigh CTI AM

Interior Design, Senior Category:
Kaylee Amdurs, Norwin High School
Elana Peisner, Central Dauphin HS

Interpersonal Communications, Occupational Category:
Erin Koch, Kellie Callahan, Berks CTC West

Job Interview, Senior Category:
Katlyn Krise, Canton Jr/Sr High School
Hannah Budek, Sharpsville HS

Job Interview, Occupational Category:
Daniela Tigre, TCHS Pickering
Katie Ayali, RMCTC AM Baking

Leadership, Occupational Category:
Abigail Gudeman, York Tech

Life Event Planning, Junior Category:
Lexi Dorfner, Independence MS
Kenna Rogal, Cambria Heights HS

Life Event Planning, Senior Category:
Miranda Weiland, Cambria Heights HS
Kerri Byrum, Mikayla Kravitski, Sydney Zepp, South Western HS

Life Event Planning, Occupational Category:
Melissa Pasquel, Cumberland Perry AVTS
Savanna Roney, Berks CTC East PM

National Programs in Action, Senior Category:
Emma McFarland, Madison McFarland, West Forest Jr/Sr HS
Zachary Mislevy, Angelo Mozina, Colin Sherry, Cambria Heights MS

National Programs in Action, Senior Category:
Taylor Winslow, Cambria Heights HS
Alyssa White, Fairfield HS

Nutrition and Wellness, Junior Category:
Cole Weiland, Cambria Heights MS

Nutrition and Wellness, Senior Category:
Josie Kelley, Delaware Valley HS
Jacquelynne Shockey, York Suburban HS

Promote and Publicize FCCLA!, Senior Category:
Abigail Redd, Titusville HS

Promote and Publicize FCCLA!, Occupational Category:
Kayla Henry, Sam Waltemyer, York Tech

Recycle and Redesign, Junior Category:
Lyndsey Kitchen, Cambria Heights HS
Andrea McMullen, Cambria Heights MS

Recycle and Redesign, Senior Category:
Parastoo Aramesh, North Allegheny HS
Maddy Abel, York Suburban HS

Recycle and Redesign, Occupational Category:
David Hayes, Greene County CTC AM
Liberti Eaton, York Tech

Teach and Train, Junior Category:
Kylee Funk, York Tech
Kaylee Thomas, Cambria Heights MS

Teach and Train, Occupational Category:
Ashley Kizis, Delaware Valley High School
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