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STAR Events Updates

Staying Current with Competitive Events 

It is essential that Advisers and Chapter Members reference the most recently updated National FCCLA Competitive Events Guide to address questions and issues. 

1.  The Competitive Events Guide can be found in your chapter affiliation portal under the resources tab.  If you have trouble finding it, contact the state facilitator.

2.  Yearly information is posted on specific STAR Events.  Participants need to check these resources on the national website.

3.  If you have questions or concerns about STAR Events, please contact: 

Attention STAR Events Participants
The STAR Events Project Summary Form must be included with all national STAR Events.  PA State STAR Events do not require the Project Summary Form.  Open the STAR Events Project Summary Form from the national STAR Events resource page, click here. Your project information may be used by FCCLA in communication with potential partners, FCCLA publications, and general use by FCCLA national headquarters, but personal information will not be included.  Don't forget to print the proof of submission page at the end of the survey

Important Updates for Pennsylvania:
Updates for the 2018-19 year will be posted as they become available.

2019 PA Menu Planning Event Themes (posted 10/14/18)
The PA Menu Planning Event themes all relate to areas of interest in California. Each event category (Junior, Senior, Occupational) is assigned a different theme. Make sure participants are selecting the correct category theme for STAR Events competition. Participants are encouraged to be creative in their interpretation of the themes.

Junior - Disneyland; Participants will plan a lunch for two, to be served at home, with a Disney theme.
Senior - California Beaches; Participants will plan a dinner for two, to be served at home, with a beach theme.
Occupational - Hollywood Walk of Fame; Participants will plan a dinner for two, to be served at home, with a Hollywood theme.

2019 Culinary Arts  (posted 10/3/18 
National FCCLA is no longer providing practice menus for the Culinary Arts event.  Practice menus for PA Culinary Arts will be provided.  Advisers will be notified as soon as the menus are available on the PA FCCLA Website.

2019 New PA STAR Event  (posted 10/3/18)
PA will be adding a PA Early Childhood Event. This event will be open to Senior Category only. The event will be added to the PA State STAR Events Manual. You will use the theme, rules, specifications, and rubric, as written, in the National Competitive Events Guide. The difference will be that, as a PA State STAR Event, participants in the senior category will not be eligible to move on to national competition.  Participants in the senior category must be enrolled in an early childhood curriculum as part of their comprehensive FCS curriculum.

Please don't hesitate to contact the national office at with any questions about event criteria. 
Questions about registration or logistics at the state level should be sent to your state facilitator.

Information for STAR Events Evaluators:

Evaluation teams are composed of adults who are selected for their expertise in a specific event area. Business and Industry provide some of the evaluators. All volunteer assistants that chapters can provide are greatly appreciated. If you want to volunteer to evaluate, contact Mrs. Nadine Standley at  More information on STAR Events Evaluators can be downloaded by clicking on the files at the bottom of this page.

STAR EVENTS Frequently Asked Questions - Click here...

Nadine Standley,
Aug 22, 2012, 6:48 PM
Nadine Standley,
Aug 22, 2012, 6:48 PM